The “Festival für Freunde - Dahnsdorfer.Kunst.Festival” is a four-day art and culture festival at the Manor Dahnsdorf in Potsdam Mittelmark. Our titel stands for a diverse, open minded and ambitious festival, which creates a space for artists, where they can express and display themselves. We invite regional, national and international artists to showcase their various differences and common grounds. 
This year once more we want to invite regional artists in our Brandenburg series and add a digital series to our portfolio to expand into the digital space.


We are looking for acts in the genres of theater, music, performances, exhibitions, films, installations, scientific experiments, workshops and many more -concepts that adapt the given conditions of the manor and are eager to experiment with it. Artists who are apt to get involved in an arena away from the conventional stage. To face both art connoisseurs as well as people who don´t have regular contact with the art scene. That is why we are looking for artists who want to interact with the audience on an equal eyelevel and are ready for their questions and opinions. It does not matter how well renowned the artist is. 
There are no thematic guidelines. We are looking for live acts from all genres, as in previous years. Additionally, we are expanding our program in this year to include virtual formats that can take place via live stream at the festival. In addition to our live program, we are looking for formats that function exclusively in the digital space, as in hybrid formats and interactive works that function online and/or offline.



The festival is organized by the “Festival für Freunde e.V.” aligned. We guarantee free accommodation, technical support and meals, as well as a creative atmosphere, time and space to try out yourself and get into conversation. A small fee can (optionally) be paid per artist / artist group. The decision will be made in spring, when we have received the funding notices.



You can find the complete registration form under the link: Registrierung | (


Please send by March 1st, 2021.

For questions and further information about the association and the festival write to us at or by phone at + 49 172/3906224 (Marie Golüke)