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A heartful welcome



The „Festival Für Freunde (Festival For Friends)"; is a four-day art and culture festival on the former manor „Hof Dahnsdorf"; in the district of Potsdam Mittelmark. It was founded by the non-profit association „Festival Für Freunde e. V.“


For the seventh year now, we are inviting regional and European artists and artist groups from the fields of dance, theatre, performance, film, science, music and the visual arts to present their works and themselves to the public and to offer discussion. We also encourage new artists to participate in the festival, thus creating an even wider platform for exchange and reflection.


Our artists all have one thing in common: they aesthetically deal with existential, political and social issues.


In 2019 „Der THEATERSTALL (the THEATERSTABLE)"; will be revived for the second time. With the series „AUSBAU OST - Die Brandenburg-Reihe beim Festival Für Freunde(DEVELOPMENT-EAST – The Brandenburg series from Festival For Friends)"; Brandenburg productions specifically introduce themselves. Hof Dahnsdorf and the old LPG (DDR-collective farm) cowshed in the immediate vicinity offer a relaxed

ambience and an exceptional setting for the reception of art. The festival is suitable for one-day-visitors as well as for those who want to spend the full four days with us. Enough accommodation is available.


The „Festival Für Freunde“ always strive to create a festival where everyone feels welcome.



Made by friends, for friends, with friends.


29. Juli -01. August 2021 at the manor Dahnsdorf